There’s something truly funny about an animal that’s dressed up or otherwise acts like he’s human. Too bad it doesn’t work the other way around; it’s not usually very funny when people act like animals.

Click through to check out twenty animals who are pretty sure they’re actually humans in disguise.

#1 “They see me rollin’, they hatin’.”


#2 Whatever you do, don’t disturb this guy during his “me” time. He gets really cranky without his spa

#3 “Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack.”


#4 “Can’t talk right now… I have to finish these spreadsheets before it’s time for

#5″Please pass the chicken casserole.”dog-wine.jpg

#6 “I was told that a pic-a-nic lunch would be provided.”bear-picnic.jpg

#7″Great Scot, this garden is a travesty! Who is your gardener, the cat?”gardening.jpg

#8 “Let’s hope this book has a much better ending than Marley and Me.”reading-dog.jpg

#9 “I see you, humans, and I do NOT approve.” -This imperious starfishstarfish.jpg

#10 Looks like someone had a ruff day at the office.roughday.png

#11 Might I suggest the hair of the dog? I’m told it’s

#12 He’s going to night school to earn his GED. Sloowwwwwly.sloth.jpg

#13 Look at that derpy tongue. He’s probably searching for kitty porn.kitty-porn.png

#14 “Turn on Animal Planet, will ya?”cat-beer.png

#15 “We need to talk about your tax return, Dave. It’s not looking good.”dog-reading.jpg

#16 “I work hard. I deserve this vacation.”cat-sunning.jpg

#17 “Get in, loser, we’re going shopping.”dogs-driving.png

# 18″What did you think I’d be drinking, water out of a bowl on the floor, like some kind of an animal? Bitch, please.”dog-wine2.jpg

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