When we grow older, we look for help and attention, the same goes with animals. When Kiki was just a kitten, she was spoiled and loved enormously by her owner until this one passed away. Unfortunately, Kiki wasn’t young anymore, she was the 17-year-old year.

Kiki ended up in the shelter because her owner’s family didn’t want to take care of an “old” cat. Kiki had nowhere to go, no family to love her the way she deserved or the way that she had been all her life.

But then, a family showed up and adopted her. Now she knows this family loves her so much and she tells them ‘thank you’ every single day…..it’s the sweetest thing!

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She knows she’s loved and is so thankful, it will bring tears to your eyes…

Kiki is so thankful that the way she shows her appreciation will move you to tears…you has to watch this video!

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