One animal that most people do not want to encounter out in the wild is a bobcat. This member of the cat family is known for its hunting and stalking skills. Although they are not likely to approach humans, it is important to understand that you should slowly walk away from one and not run should you encounter them in their natural habitat.

Or you can react like Chris Ward and his friend Aaron did when the encountered a scared bobcat caught up in a bear trap. Recognizing that the animal was trapped and frightened, the two men decided to put their fears aside and try to free it.

The two brave men even had the foresight to video the situation for everyone else to watch later.

The video starts with the two men committing to setting the bobcat free, even after referring to him as a “mean little dude.”

As the animal snarls and hisses at the two men, the tension becomes more visible. Ward and his friend walk up to the bobcat with only a duffel bag and a large stick. The men seem surprisingly calm and confident, despite the bobcat growing increasingly more agitated.

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At one point, you can even hear the men giggling about the impending rescue mission.

Not aware that the men are trying to help him, the bobcat fights back when he is pinned down with the bag. The bobcat mistakes the stick for a toy, which ends up helping the men free his foot from the trap when he is distracted.

Once the cat is finally free, you would expect him to scamper off.

Instead, he surprises the men by simply sitting there and staring them down without moving.

Although the animal continues to growl, he makes no indication that he is going to attack the men. Finally, he runs off to hide under the nearby Jeep.

Once the men start up the Jeep, the bobcat makes his escape, presumably free from any lasting injuries.

Watch it for yourself:

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