The world is a beautiful place. And half of the credit goes to all the wonderful animals that live in it. Sadly, many of them have been driven to extinction due to one reason or the other. Mostly, humans are to blame. The population of tigers is on the decline. These beautiful animals are on the endangered list, with only around 3900 tigers left in the world. However, many people have still not grasped their importance.

The previous owners of Carli and Lily were some of these people. These poor tigers were among the 19 exotic animals that were confiscated from a failed facility in New York. They were rescued from extremely dirty conditions where they suffered from neglect. Thankfully, they now have a new home at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, a GFAS-verified wildlife sanctuary located in a very remote part of Nevada.

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The place is exposed to extreme heat from the sun during a large portion of the year. That is why the sanctuary provide pools for the animals. In the video, we get to see Carli and Lily enjoying a time in the pool. Both of them have adjusted well in their new environments.

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