Like millions of other families across the United States, the Triantafilo family love their pets. The family have a dog named Maya and a cat named Tara. While most cats are known for being antisocial and trying to avoid interactions with humans, Tara is the complete opposite of that. Instead of avoiding people, Tara is incredibly friendly and social.

Tara got along with everyone, even the family dog, but her favourite individual in the family was the Triantafilos’ eldest son Jeremy, who was 4. The boy spent most of his time with Tara, who loved hanging out with him. If Jeremy started to cry after falling off his bike, Tara would run right to him to comfort him. The two were practically inseparable.

One day, Jeremy was outside playing on his bike when his neighbour’s 8 month-old dog Scrappy started acting aggressively and attacked him. The dog ripped Jeremy off his bike and bit him on the leg, but Tara wasn’t about to let him get away with hurting her best friend.

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Though the dog was twice Tara’s size, she ran right for them and managed to fight him off Scrappy. Her brave act was captured on CCTV camera, and the Triantafilos were so touched by it that they uploaded the video to social media. The footage quickly went viral, with everyone praising Tara as a hero!

Check out her amazing rescue for yourself below!

Tara was later recognized for her bravery when she was given a Special Award For Cat Achievement at the Cat Vid Festival. What an amazing hero cat!

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