In 2014, a female dog with leg paralysis was abandoned in the street Zabala, in Salta, Argentina. In her wheelchair, she was chained into a hairdresser’s gate, with a diapers package and a note with her name and age. Also explained in the note that who left her there it wasn’t her owner and that he couldn’t maintain her.

The hairdresser’s employee who found her, contacted the rescue organization LUBA Salta and two of their volunteers went in search for the dog. When arrived, the volunteers noticed that no food or water was left to the female dog. She was completely frightened and very weak.

They started to spread the story of Lunita and soon a family appeared in the Unite States ready to adopt her. She traveled, but unfortunately her new family wasn’t well informed about her disability. She developed a serious infection by staphylococci in the urinary tract, which caused lesions and scabies.

Lunita lost all her hair, from the waist down, including her tail. The suffering made her loose 33 pounds, leaving her almost undernourished.

New Beginning

Fortunately, a new family, in other state, wanted to receive her to heal her lesions and start over her recovering. After intense visits to the vet, medical treatments and a lot of love, Lunita recovered 55 pounds and managed to heal herself.

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Thanks to the money raised for different anonymous people, they could pay the expensive treatments. Without the generosity of the others, her recovery would be impossible. And she was happy with her new life, with a lot of affection.

She met the snow, the walks, new friends. Even cakes and birthday parties, as was her 11th birthday, in 2018, wich was an event of proporcions.

However, shortly after that birthday, her physical condition got a lot worse and she got to be hospitalized to receive intensive treatment.

On July 8, the owner informed that Lunita had left us. “I feel that a part of my soul has died. I wil never forget her and how much she meant to me. She changed my life forever. I loved her very much”, he wrote.

Fortunately, the story of Lunita came to an end because of the old age and the last part of her life was completely happy.