A dog abandoned by his owner highlighted the irresponsibility act of a pet owner.

Tammy Graves, a dog lover, found a black Labrador in his North Carolina, The Haley Graves Foundation.  He was the pet rescue organization founder.  This was a non-profit rescue organization offering shelter and saving dogs. He was informed that this black Labrador, was left here by his owner, and was now named Cash.

Tammy graves spotted June Cash on his visit to the shelter. He noticed the Labrador was trembling in a kennel corner. It was apparent that Cash was miserable.

Graves rescued June, the Labrador and took it to the vet.

June had a severe heartworm infection and showed past abuse signs.

They nursed her and, June recovered faster. The dog was kept in a foster home.

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She came out of this crisis and this week June is up for adoption to receive the much-desired love she is missing.

Her foster parents initiated the recovery process and June, wagging her tail approached her new dad. She was a female dog and became comfortable with the new dad’s physical contact. From this photo down, it appears she is enjoying her walks.

Watch also the video: 

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