It’s heartbreaking to see innocent animals having to go through pain at the hands of a few cruel people. The torture they suffer stays with them for a long time, and scars them forever. The poor dog in this video had also endured severe abuse in the past. She was terrified of being around humans, and wouldn’t let anybody near her.

When a woman came to pet her in her enclosure, she was so scared that she kept screaming in terror. Even when the woman didn’t hurt her, she kept screaming. It seemed like she had never felt a loving touch at any point in her life.

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Finally, after spending a little time with the woman, she calmed down a little. She seemed to be in disbelief, that she could feel a touch that didn’t cause her pain.

It’s heartbreaking to see a helpless animal be so scarred by her past. Thankfully, she is in good hands now. She was named Pricilla, and she has now been adopted into a forever home.

Check out this incredible moment below:

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