Little kids are not able to think before getting things their way, they’re ready to do silly things just for the sake of getting what they want. Crying, throwing a fit every now and then. Baby animals are no different and this video is the best proof of it.

This particular cutie pie has to be the sweetest doggie throwing hissy fits you’ve seen so far. Watching him acting the way he does is so adorable. Showing a cranky attitude, he simply wants to be in the limelight and show everyone how he might be the tiniest but still most important family member. Baby Bentley The Bulldog is bound to put a sweet smile on your face.

The sweet baby was only eight weeks old when his mommy took this video of him. It’s clear from the footage how baby Bentley wants something and tries to get it by “talking” as loudly as he can. And when they try to hush him he just gets louder and makes clear no one shushes him until he gets what he puts his mind to. As he starts whining and whimpering even harder, he picks his sweet paw and tries to swipe at his mommy. This make him even cuter.

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It’s safe to say that this baby is too adorable to say no to him. He’s ready to win your heart with just a blink of an eyes and i’m pretty sure he knows it. The video of him ‘arguing’ with those around him will definitely make your day.

Honestly, little or grown-up, it’s hard to not love Bulldogs. Their distinctive wrinkly faces and cute smushed noses make them one of America’s favourite pets. They are great around humans and make great companions and friends. Their small size is another feature that allows them to be easily kept at the city and in apartments. Friendly, non-aggressive, and totally lovable, bulldogs are simply perfect.

Take a look at this little adorable ‘making his point’ in the video below:

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