A Highland Cow rejected by the herd has grown up thinking he is a dog after his humans began raising him inside the family home. James the cow was likely born with oxygen-deprivation. When Cattle owners Adam, 33, and Emily Hopson, 32, noticed he wasn’t being accepted by the herd, they brought him to their home as a pet as he would not have survived without their help. He is now 4 months old and loves his canine pals, who he hangs out and plays with.

The adorable calf cannot resist licking the dogs, who take it all in stride. Emily says of James, ““He is the sweetest creature. He loves to lick us and the dogs. And to just lay beside us and be scratched and petted.”

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Photos and video of the cute calf are going viral, and it’s no wonder as he makes the cutest hairy bovine to hang out with dogs I’ve ever seen!

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