Dogs are really hilarious and they can give us a thousand reasons to laugh loud. They can make our lives happier. They can chase the tiny tails around and know different tricks; they can even wear different types of dresses or costumes for different occasions.

But this video is ready to give you a real fun boost and can take your excitement to another level. This is hilarious and adorable too. The name of the dog is Honey and the dog love to sing especially when it is travelling in the car. His song is especially for the amusement of his dog.

You can check this beautiful performance of the dog in the car. But don’t forget to laugh loud. His mom puts on her favorite song, ‘Will You Be There’, it is from Free Willy. But the dog sadly loses it. She then started chiming with Michael Jackson.

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It was singing like no one is looking at him. His hilarious pooch was enough to make mom happy, she burst out in a laugh. Well, we can assume the Honey makes her home a happy and live place to enjoy with its unique antics.

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