Three young African Civet cats share a bowl of their favorite breakfast – porridge, with the domestic cats that live with them in the back yard. It may seem like the civets don’t know how to drink milk, but it turns out the civets “love holding their breath and dunking their heads deep in the milk to fish out nuggets of porridge” according to YouTuber Riverbank Fisher.

Watch as the kittens get the ultimate milk mustaches while enjoying breakfast.

Riverbank Fisher later shared a follow-up video saying, “Now two years old and at their full adult size, the civets observe strict seniority protocol when they feed, with the head honchos eating to their fill before lower ranking members of the group are allowed to join the feast.”

“The domestic cats keep their distance from the civets now, and prefer to be indoors at night when the civets come to life and run laps around the garden, grunting and snorting with excitement.”

One thing hasn’t changed. It seems they still love to dunk their heads in milk.

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