It’s common sense that a dog wouldn’t trust just about anyone anyhow, and more so if it happens to feel very insecure. This dog lived such a life until one smart lady saved him from the jaws of death.

Cerberus is a South African dog whose life was marred with distrust for humans, and so much that nobody would dare get anywhere near him. The dog was extremely defensive and combative. The authorities at SPCA decided to have Cerberus put to sleep, but then a lady came into the picture just in time.

Now, this young lady, YouTube user “22bradshaw,” is a good dog listener, so she requested for a simple chance to redeem Cerberus, and the SPCA accepted. She had a few days to turn things around or the dog would have to be euthanized.

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The lady started by with the most basic trick: Gaining the animal’s trust and creating a friendly bond with him. She visited him every day, and on the 6th day, she changed tack. She called him over, and everyone went down in shock!

You need to watch this and see for yourself.

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