Owls are one of the most beautiful, fascinating creatures, People who spot an owl in the wild are considered super lucky.

However, UK-based artist Robert E. Fuller has a much closer relationship with these wonderful birds.

During a period of time, he had been monitoring an owl and her family after they moved into a nesting box nearby. Fuller hid a camera inside the box and found himself a nice front row seat for each of the baby owl’s “firsts.”

He also managed to record one of the little owls during a frightening summer storm. Apparently, it was the first time the little bird experienced harsh weather.

“It was surprising to see how scared the chick was,” Fuller said. “It would be especially loud for the chick given that the hearing of the barn owl is so much more sensitive than ours.”

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Wild animals often react to thunderstorms fearfully. This is appropriate, because storms can be dangerous. If you have a dog, you have may notice that they are just as afraid of thunderstorms as they are of fireworks.

Thankfully, this cute little owl persevered through the spooky night and has now become a full-fledged owl and is doing very well, according to Fuller.

Have a look at the owl’s reaction in the player below:

Barn owl chick hears thunder for first time

This barn owl baby just heard thunder for the first time #thunderstorms #ukheatwave ????????

Posted by Robert E Fuller on Thursday, July 25, 2019