Animals love our gesture of affection towards them. They absolutely love being scratched at places of their bodies where they cannot reach and they love being cuddled. This little horse is no exception.

The video below shows you the funniest thing a horse could have ever done. The horse seems pretty clear about her demand that her butt is scratched by her human. She keeps chasing him around asking for back scratches which she absolutely loves.

Her human sure does it, several times, in fact. However, the horse enjoyed the scratches so much that she refused to let him go.

Finally, the man decides to go away himself, completely denying another scratch. But then, the horse does something so funny that both the man and the person recording the video start laughing very hard.

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When the man walks away, she turns and gives him a swift kick on his butt instead—a good lesson for not scratching her butt! She wasn’t going to let go of him so quickly, was she?

Watch the hilarious video below:

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