Think of the various ways an animal can find itself in a bad situation, and then think of the people who always show up to save the creature. You realize that sometimes these animas get into some physical circumstances that present the rescuers with quite a challenge when saving them. But it’s ever a nice feeling to see people putting their own lives on the line just to save the life of an innocent animal. It’s just so human!

That’s why everyone is in love with this video. Lucky is a good horse, but he isn’t immune to accidents. One day, Lucky was trying to cross a river in Alaska when he lost his footing. He was badly injured as the rocks in the river hit his legs. His legs got so swollen and painful that he couldn’t even drag himself out. He was desperate, almost losing hope. And then these people showed up!

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The rescuers knew that this horse was great pain and needed to get to the nearest clinic very fast. But the clinic was a bit far, so they came up with the most daring plan to get Lucky to that clinic very fast. A chopper!

Watch as the horse gets a ride in the air. This is amazing. Check out the full clip below :

The momentous occasion is sadly temporary, as just a few days after his rescue, Lucky’s condition worsened to the point he had to be put down. A sad ending to this incredible rescue, but it certainly does not diminish the incredible effort to save him. RIP lucky!

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