When Ann adopted this 14-year-old dog, Tervel, she wasn’t sure he was going to have the best of life, considering that the poor thing was totally blind and partially deaf. The dog had been smashed against a wall that damaged his sight and impaired his hearing. And then Ann adopted a cat!

Pudditat the cat was a bully, to say the least. The cat was a stray, meaning that he wasn’t really used to being nice. He would often bully the other felines in the house. However, his character changed when he met Tervel. The two became instant buddies and Pudditat took on a role that you would never expect!

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Pudditat is now a guide to Tervel. He leads him around the house and even outside. They have good times together.

Tervel is no longer a scared dog that used to stay holed up in his sleeping spot. With Pudditat’s help, he can now live again!

Watch the heartwarming friendship of Pudditat and Tervel in the video below:

This is lovely. Just watch and witness this friendship that transcends the natural law. Be sure to SHARE this on Facebook and let your buddies muse over it too!