Naturally if someone saves you from trouble, you just feel the least you can do in return is to say thank you. You could also decide to give them a hug or shake their hand while doing so. If they are family, say your husband or wife, you would go ahead and give them a kiss. In other cultures, it would still be perfectly okay to kiss them, despite them being strangers.

Animals also have a way of thanking those who save them from sticky situations. I’m sure those who live with pets have something to share when it comes to that.

In the video below, we experience such an act. What is interesting is that it is not coming from a human being but from a wild animal.

When a wildfire spread through the wooded area around George Kraus’ home he couldn’t sit back and do nothing and set about trying to save the wild creatures that called that area home. He returned home with a bobcat and offered him a safe place to stay.

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He was understandably apprehensive at bringing a wild animal into the family home but he knew if he let it go it may not survive.

But little did this family know how grateful this wonderful wild creature would be. At every opportunity this wild cat wants his rescuers to know how grateful he is; and he shows it in the most amazing way!

Watch how he overwhelms his rescuers with love and affection in the video below; it’s the sweetest sight!

Cats are so amazing and so loving. Those who say cats don’t have feelings are so wrong!

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