On a nice, good morning 13 years ago, teacher Tina Soucy spotted a cat sitting outside her classroom. The cat was looking to join the class, so Tina went ahead and let the little thing into the class. She made history!

Since that day, Simba the cat has always showed up at the class at 7 am in the morning – without fail. It’s been a cool 13 years! Simba is aged around 15. The school is happy to have the big, cute feline around every day. His presence calms the students and his cuteness has always been a center of attraction to many people within the school compound.

To ensure safety, the school management always tracks where Simba visits every day so they handle any situations to avoid his contact with students with cat allergies. So far, this has worked for more than a decade.

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Watch the video here and learn more about this lovely cat. See how he joins the students in class and even takes his time with their books. This is cute!

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