By chance, if you have watched the movie Hachiko; A Dog’s Tale, you would certainly know how heavy-hearted and devastated the cat become after seeing the death of his owner. The movie is based on the real-life story, in which the owner is awaited by the pet Akita breed dog Hachiko on Shibuya Train Station on every single day – nine years long after the death.

This movie became an inspiration for a dog owner, who was keen on knowing the reaction of his pet if he passed away. So, he invented this brilliant idea: he pretended to die.

His beautiful cat is a Bengal Mix cat, named Sparta who is ten years old, like to be cared, loved and held in arms.

Sparta also likes to get hugged, kissed and held by his owner. So, pushed by his curiosity to find out the reaction of Sparta, he pretended his own death; pulling a good prank on the cat.

“What would my pet do if I die?”

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A few moments later, Sparta witnessed his owner lying on the floor.

When Sparta noticed his owner lying static on the floor, the pet went near to the owner and nudged hand of the owner with its head before the bi reaction.

Fortunately, the prank guy recorded these cute moments on the video!

You would surely want to see the reaction of Sparta when it saw the lifeless body of his owner on the floor!

Watch the video here