Cats are no doubt one of the most curious animals in the world. They are interested in almost everything around them, aren’t they? Every time they come across something new, they rush in to investigate. The adorable little kitty featured in the video below is not an exception.

Meet Rijka. This little girl belongs to Andrey Lebedev. He recorded this hilarious video of Rijka playing with a vacuum cleaner and the video has since gone viral on the internet. And we are not really surprised! Rikjka’s reaction is just the cutest thing ever! Wait till you see for yourself what she does when she hears the sound of a vacuum cleaner!

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Most pets tend to run away when we turn on our vacuum cleaners – especially because of the sound. But Rikja is a totally different case! Her reaction is going to steal your heart!

Watch this funny video below! Did this make you smile?

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