Have you ever noticed that you’re sometimes inclined to start talking to yourself when you’re alone? Well, you’re not really crazy. It’s normal human behavior that happens when your mind is in extreme concentration. But do you know that it happens to animals too? Now that’s interesting!

Cats are cute – by all measures.  But they don’t really talk (as in talk…talk). However, they do make some sounds. It’s called chirping. Now, the little guy in the video here found himself in the mood to talk to himself when he looked out of the window and noticed some cute birds playing around outside. The feline was probably discussing his hunting agenda with his own self – we will never know!

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Some animal experts argue that such “talking” by a cat could be as a result of frustration when they see a prey that they can’t get to. Others argue that it’s just a normal psychological preparation for the hunt. Well, you’ll have to watch the video here and decide for yourself. Either way, it’s the cutest thing you’ll watch today!

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