It is not easy to stay away from your loved ones. After a hard day, the best part is to cuddle your loved one and you will feel the melting of stress in a minute. The jobs involving travelling is highly demanding as there is nothing to relieve the stress by the end of the day. All said and done, reuniting is the best moment.

Staying away from the person you love stirs your feelings that you are compelled to think where this relationship is taking you. It is not that you cherish all the moments when people stay together. This is apparent in the story of Kitty. A dog, her best friend was away for several days, and as he returned, the cat, gave a surprising welcome!

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The reappearance of the dog bought happiness to the cat that she kept meowing and purring around the dog. The dog did not mind this cute affection thrown on him by the kept, but was amazed to see the cat’s approach. Eventually, who does not like to be loved and appreciated?

Check out their emotional reunion below:

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