It’s hard to really figure out why some people want to own pets and then dump them off like trash. Pets are live creatures that dedicate their whole lives to making people happy in their homes. Why would anyone want to hurt an animal? Well, it so happens that some humans are just a lost cause!

Take the example of what happened to this innocent cat. This kitty used to live with her humans, but then they decided to leave him. They abandoned him in the streets! However, this cat isn’t stupid. You’ll love what he did!

One day, the cat was walking around when he saw a door. It was a door leading to an animal clinic, so the cat walked up to it and “knocked.” Thankfully, the people inside opened the door for him and instantly made him once of their own!

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The cute being is now all safe and sound, and so happy to patiently wait for a kind person to come and take him to his forever home.

This cat is begging for a home!We don't know his story but he must have been ABANDONED. He just showed up pounding on the clinic door to be let in and immediately went to the plushy beds to sit down – He made himself feel right at home.They called him Grillou. The clinic is not a place for this cat as there are other sick animals. Help us find him a home.To adopt go to SHARE

Posted by Animals Lebanon on Thursday, October 26, 2017

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