George the Cat is one of the loveliest in the neighborhood. He’s playful and makes friends easily. This time, he decided he wanted to spend some time around the yard of the neighboring house which happens to be the home of two gorgeous birds. But as having cats and birds in the same place is a recipe for disaster, poor George only gets to hang out with his “pals” by looking at them from behind the thick glass window that stands between them. 

This time, as George got closer to the window, he was gently welcomed by one of the Indian Ringneck parakeets named Oscar. The sweet and hilarious interaction between these “hunter” and his pray, oh wait, between the cat and the bird was put on tape by Oscar’s mom as she believed it was worth sharing it with the rest of the world. And she did exactly that; she posted the footage on her Facebook page and now it’s everywhere, and people say how they haven’t seen anything more entertaining in a long time.

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It turned out that Oscar was in a mood of playing a catchy game with his fellow neighbor and honestly, we are amazed of how smart and fun this beautiful bird is.

As George was looking at the bird’s head repeatedly going down and then popping us, he was left completely puzzled. Not having idea what was going on, he could only hear the word “peekaboo” over and over again. Yes, you’ve read that right, Oscar played peekaboo and was having so much fun goofing around and massing with the cat’s mind.

It’s amazing how he knew exactly when to use the word, and how perfectly he understands the point of this sweet hiding game

Oscar’s owners knew people would enjoy the video of their pet and George, but they had no idea it would be seen millions of times.

Take a look at the video below and don’t forget to turn the volume up, as Oscar saying “pekaboo” is definitely the best part.

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