Animal rights campaigners are slowly prevailing their conflict once more on circuses. So, lots of them have been exposed as locations in which animals are handled cruelly and drag to do things which are unnatural and dangerous.

Recently, a beautiful mountain lion was discovered chained up inside a pickup truck and was pressured to be a part of a Peruvian circus Circo Koreander.

As related by The Independent, the rescuers of Mustafa, the mountain lions, discovered that the lions had been held this way for the past 20 years.

I’ve never understood individuals who visit circuses. Seeing animals taken out of the usual habitat and pressured to perform in the way they call ‘entertainment’ which should no longer exist today.

But still, animals are forced to live in cages – or even worse in chains, just to attract people who will pay for such entertainment.

Just watching this lovely mountain lion tightly wrapped in his chains and forced to live in the back of a pickup truck is heart-rending.

Mufasa had been forced to stay like this 20 years, transferring from a far-off village to another remote village just to entertain, the Independent added.

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In 2011, Peru banned wild animals in circuses and Animal Defenders International (ADI) supports and assists the government in the execution of the Law.

In 2015, ADI campaigners discovered Mufasa and liberated him from his heavy harness even as they worked to stop the illegal circus.

Watch the incredible second while Mufasa was released again into the wild within the clip below.

Today, Mufasa is happy and might roam freely in the open, – as he was born to be. He now gets the chance to feel his final years dwelling in a free environment.

Please pay tribute to Animal Defenders International and all other groups efforts to keep those animals. Your works were highly and deeply appreciated.