Parrots are one of the funniest creatures on this planet. Sure, dogs and cats are funny in their own way with their weird lying positions and hilarious behaviors. But have you ever heard a parrot repeat you? Or just talk to you? That is probably the funniest thing ever. Haley. The Indian Ringneck parakeet is also one of those hilarious parrots who learned a new phrase and now has an identity crisis.

Earlier this month, the footage was filmed in Singapore featuring Haley who was confessing about his identity. The bird can be heard telling his problem like every human being rants about theirs.

The video starts with Haley tweeting continuously until he finally confesses that he is a banana! He can clearly be heard saying, “Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, I’m a banana…!” then, he continues to make funny noises that sound like meow and then starts speaking gibberish again!

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Ah! It must have been so difficult keeping things from his owner who just couldn’t complain about him holding a secret after he confessed it so adorably!

Watch the adorable yellow parrot confess below:

Talking about cute birds, we have another bird story for you! This one is an Indian Ringneck parakeet as well, who just loves cuddling before going to bed. Her name is Tweety.

In the video, she can be seen clearly enjoying the gentle strokes of her owner. But there is one small problem: she refuses to let him stop!

Whenever her owner stops stroking her, she throws her sharp yells at him, as though demanding to be cuddled more. Whenever they start stroking her again, she relaxes!

It is probably a fun phenomenon to see. Just watch the video below:

Adorable, yes?

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