Raven, is a little puppy and she was not ready to welcome a new kitty in his home. It was a tough situation for her, heavy one. It was a lifetime commitment for her. Raven was just a small puppy and commitment was too heavy. She was in an animal shelter of Lubbock and a kitten bough there to stay with her for a lifetime.

Christina and her partner brought Raven last May, she is a Tamaskan Puppy. This couple visited the shelter of Texas with the Puppy with the desire to have a kitten with whom the puppy can live.

According to Christina, it was her life goal to see a cat and dog grow together in one place.  She shared it with Dodo. They brought for kittens from the shelter for Raven. They met but Raven has chosen one immediately and this was Woodhouse.

They became friends and inseparable after one year. They now play together, sleep and eat together. Christina and her partner share the pictures of these cute pets and their daily lives on their Instagram handle regularly.

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Raven and Woodhouse, these two pets have now more than 30000 followers on Instagram.

See some adorable glimpses of these beauties. You can see more pictures of them if you follow follow@raven_and_woodhouse on Instagram.