Several times it is noticed that children are good observant and adults miss many things including animal conversations. Toddlers and babies are much smarter than adults consider them.

Every day, Tabby cat and a man’s daughter had conversations. God knows what they were talking about, it is hilarious.

Enjoy the translate by Karyn Eaves.

Cat: hey what’s good?
Baby: I’m good, do you remember where the bfast is?
Cat: yeah follow me 
Baby: cool, did you hear that noise last night?
Cat: yeah, we were out pretty late 
Baby: oh it was pretty loud , mom said to knock it off
Cat: really ? haha 
Baby: well, my bfast is near yours
Cat: yeah if you can’t open the door I may as well have a bite to eat
Baby: moms over there she’s tired
Cat : not my problem
Let’s find food 
I think I left a mouse under here
Baby: really? Can I see?

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