It is well known how unsafe Australian wildlife can be. Australia has deadly spiders, huge crocodiles, and 120-degree weather. But this specific clip shared on January 18, 2014, is showing a stunning, non-killer side to Australian wildlife.

It begins when Gordon McCoullough directs his two little kids onto their back deck, carrying kitchen plates. He begins to whistle and then the untamed parrots come.

In the recording we can see eight birds on the roof, eating from the father’s and kids’ hands, and contentedly crowing while they sway about on the deck. It appears to be a usual habit for both the birds and family.

The Cockatoos and King Parrots reside in the Snowy Mountains in Eastern Australia. It is not rare for parrots to go to humans. Parrots are bright, curious birds that love mingling, the reason they like this meeting as much as this family and their fans.

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McCoullough says that it pays to watch his kids mingle with wildlife. It is evident the daughters got this from their father when it comes to socializing with birds.

McCoullough continues to say that he is glad to have gotten the chance to feed them and he is sure the kids will memorize this.

It is charming to watch all the birds come to this family in their usual routine. The family of McCoullough resides in a stunning place with spectacular wildlife. The internet is fortunate to have this clip.

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