My pets hate taking baths, but this Great Dane loves it!

Dog and bath, is there a connection? They either love or hate it. Lucky owners may have a pet enjoying and playing during bath. If yes, it may be like this picture of Great Dane.

Dogs of these types weigh more than a hundred pounds. They also have an enormous height.  However, any owner is fortunate if such huge dogs are getting into the bath willingly and letting the owner, you to give a clean-up. If not, dragging your unwilling pet honestly is an unmatchable fight.

You can see here the dog is obedient. He hears daddy asking and confirming the day, it is Sunday, the bath day. The best part of this dog is that it is aware, today is Sunday. The dog is ready to get into the bathroom. The moment he gets inside the bathroom, he is into the bathtub suiting himself. Interestingly, this huge dog is happy and is eagerly waiting for a refreshing shower, his favourite activity. He is waiting patiently to get this bath rub from his owner.

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Take a look at him in the video below: