A dog and a baby, if you have in your home, you surely have the cutest pair. A baby and dog can make you laugh, full of entertainment. This video will prove my point surely. This is a small Shorkie puppy and truly this is a real clown for sure. These puppies are non-shedding and hypoallergenic; they can have real fun with the kids of all ages. 

The name of the Puppy is Wicket and the name of the baby is Sophie. They went for a deep conversation with each other. According to the parents, Sophie is an actual dog whisperer and the interaction of these two is enough to prove that. You will also agree if you see the video. Sophie is a little baby and crawls on the floor carpet but she has a lot to see to her best friend, Wicket.

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The most amazing part of the video is when Wicket talks back to her. Their four banter and back banter is really amazing, priceless moment to remember. You can enjoy this video too; if you like you can share the video with your friends and family and can give them a wow! time.

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