She was so scared that she wouldn’t let anyone touch her.

A puzzled and scared white dog was abandoned by her family and dumped at the parking lot of Sam’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee. 

Passersby were looking at the poor animal but didn’t know how to help her as she wouldn’t let anyone approach her. 

It was the dog’s constant howling that made people aware she was grieving for the family who threw her out of their life. This dog in distress needed someone patient and compassionate to get her out of her misery.

Luckily, such person was about to give the white beauty a second chance for a better life. 

When Mary Murphy from Arrow Dog Rescue learned of the howling dog, she immediately arrived at the scene. But, putting a leash on the terrified animal was almost impossible, so Mary came up with a plan. She took her pet dog with her and stayed at the parking lot for three and a half days until the dog felt comfortable approaching Mary’s pet.

The next thing Mary did was brought the dog they named Samantha to the shelter. 

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The volunteers believed that the chances of Samantha finding a family would be higher if they post her story on Facebook. And they were right. Once the video of her howling at the place where she was dumped was posted online, many people contacted the shelter. 

Soon enough, Samantha was adopted by a loving family who helped her overcome her ordeal. They are still working on regaining her trust in humans, but she’s happy and loved, and that’s all she strives for. 

You can take a look at Samantha’s heartbreaking howling in the video below.