Dogs can be some of the sweetest souls ever. They love unconditionally, and if they like somebody, they will not hide it. There have been many times they’ve befriended and even adopted the unlikeliest creatures, and this story is no different.

Aragon, a gentle dog, came across a box on his daily walk. He sniffed it, and he seemed really interested in what was in it. When his owner opened it, they found tiny kittens in it. The poor helpless kitties had been abandoned and left to fend for themselves. But Aragon was not going to leave them alone.

His owner picked them up and took them to her apartment. Once the kitties were a little settled in, Aragon stepped into the role of being their foster dad. He was very gentle with them, and made sure they were always clean!

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Aragon himself was adopted. Perhaps that is why he knew how bad it felt to be abandoned. The kittens are now looking for a new home. Let’s hope they find the forever homes they deserve.

Check out this moving video below:

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