An absolute heartwarming video!

Animals are amazing and unpredictable too. Labour pain is really excruciating for both humans and animals. While humans get great help of technology and going through several processes, animals have to give birth in the wild, without any help of others.

Pet owners, who have witnessed the pain of the pet during labour, can tell you that there is nothing to do for them during the time apart from allowing them to do what they actually want to do.

This video comes with the scene of a cat, which is going to give birth to their kittens and she is in pain, she got a surprising helper, a cute and good dog.

The dog was there for the cat during the entire process regardless she wants or not him during the time. Not only the friendly gesture proved true friendship but the dog licked all the kittens as they born and it was his style to welcome those little angles to the beautiful world.  He was just trying to let them know that he really cares for them.

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This dog is really very kind, adorable and gentle. Even the cat had no objection as the dog was showing his care for the kittens, it is very surprising. They share a special bond and it proves that the dog will be there always with the cat when she will raise the little ones.

This heartwarming video has more to say, a beautiful picture of two unique friends.

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