Dogs are incredible creatures. They are loyal and they are easily trainable. They love to please and will willingly follow your commands. Even when you let them out, they will come back home for sure. They do have a tendency to wander around a bit, but the moment they hear your voice, they come running. Cats on the other hand, are a totally different case. For example, take a look at this hilarious video featured below!

Cats don’t respond to training as well as dogs do. They have a mind of their own, which might we add, is full of curiosity. So when you let them roam outside for a bit, you cannot be sure if they will come back. And since they don’t like following orders, expecting them to follow is also not going to work. However, one brilliant Russian woman has apparently trained her dog to bring in her cat!

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The cat is a bit larger than the dog, but that doesn’t really matter to the little canine. He is trained to bring home his feline friend and he does so in the best way possible. The cat is not really happy, but how can blame him! You are going to be in awe when you see how amazing yet hilarious this is!

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