Dogs are the best friend of men and this is true in all aspect. This is also true that most of the dogs like to spend time with humans. You will like the videos surely where the dogs are enjoying in parks or playing with toys. They are most like kids. Pets are part of a happy family for most of the people. This is amazing!

But can you believe that dog can sing too? They are more like you and love to join a hit song coming from the radio. What they will do if this is a classic Michael classic? You cannot resist actually.

Well, see the video and see if I am wrong. The name of this dog is Honey. As the owner of the dog switch on the radio of the car to listen to the favorite Michael Johnson song, “Will you be There”, see what the cute do has done. You will surely burst into laughter and it turns as the viral video on the internet.

Honey started singing the song; many people are saying that the dog can sign much better than the humans as they sing karaoke. I think the owner Melissa and Honey both will agree with me.

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Melissa had a great time when she watched the hilarious reaction of the dog and she joined the singing program of her dog too. The excitement of the dog is flawless as his howls are louder than Mellissa’s voice.

This is a 1 minutes video and can offer you full of entertainment in the cutest way. Watch the video below.

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