Among animals, we can see and have heard about unusual friendships, and here is one more to add to your collection. I bet this is the sweetest as it involves a cat, a dog and a rescue.

This is a story that took place in harsh winter as everything was under piles of snow. A tiny dog realized to come to the rescue as he notices a freezing kitten.

If anyone tells dogs and cats are enemies by birth, show this story to them so that they open their minds.

The poor kitten is frightened of finding herself with a dog. She believes her life has come to an end and she cannot save herself. Honestly, everyone believes the same until you see the dog save her and take her to a safe place.

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The doggy’s mom is amazed to see her pet taking care of the kitten and takes a video so that all of us see and share this bond.

As the dog starts, the cat understands she will not be killed by the dog and welcomes her new friend. Finally, she gets into a home and enjoys the coziness of a warm blanket.

The dog was tiny, but became a big hero after his act and stole animal lovers’ heart. He showed animals also have emotions.

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below. 

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