Destiny conditions us favours at so many times! Two months ago, Deluca family of the Tampa Florida saved a German Shepherd namely Haus, who was only two years old at the time. The little family did not even know that their favour to the dog would bless their daughter; the dog turned out to be the lifesaver of their seven years old daughter Molly.

Grandmother of the Molly was in the house as Haus and the little girl playing outside in the yard. Grandma leapt forward towards the yard as she suddenly saw a large bulky dog leaping in the air hurriedly cracking his teeth. Grandma saw that the snake was attacking the dog and the girl; it was the worst scenario as the snake belonged to the most poisonous species of the snakes.

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Huas performed an amazing job as Molly’s grandmother panicked and frightened; the dog saved the grandma and the granddaughter standing between the two and the snake – taking all the poison as much as he could!

Do you think it is just a story?

Well, watch the video below to see how bravely faithful and boldly loyal dogs can be: