The Villalobos Rescue Center in southern Louisiana is sadly no stranger to unfortunate cases of abused and abandoned animals. However, this Pit Bull discovered outside a local jail by one of their employees was in a particularly awful situation.

Now named Curtis, the pup was suffering from a gunshot wound but he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

After safely getting him in their van, rescuers rushed Curtis to Cypress Lake Animal Hospital.

They immediately began treating his wound and prepping him for surgery.

He was so exhausted from enduring on his own that they didn’t even have to use tranquilizers on him.

He feel asleep as soon as they began working on him.

When they sprayed his wound with disinfectant, thousands of maggots appeared.

It was a clear indication he had been left on his own in this state for days.

The bullet’s entry point behind his shoulder only narrowly missed his heart.

The fact that it is on his back also indicates that he was running away at the time he was shot.

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The bullet exited his body on the back of his head.

They suspect it was from a .40 caliber firearm.

In addition to the bullet wounds, he was treated for a broken shoulder and tested positive for heartworms.

But because of the incredible veterinary staff and an amazing amount of luck, this was the happy face that greeted them the next morning.

Still tired, but also still fighting.

Veterinary staff and the pup’s rescuers are confident he will be able to make a full recovery and hopefully find a more loving, healthy, and stable forever home.

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