Cats are like little overlords and every cat owner should agree on this fact. They are the cute pet of our house and move around like invincible. They demand all the attention always and they damn you if you cross your limit.

You may also know that the other pets of your house look for some love and respects when it is associated with their own place. Dogs are specifically that kind of animal in nature. If you have both a cat and a dog in your house, you must arrange difference living places for both of them. It can be just a bed or the entire room but should be different.

But sometimes the pet loves to have their place as per their taste. This is the reason that such type of cute things happens. If you are curious, just enjoy the video.

Let me tell you that some little cats are really bad mannered and they often sleep in the dog’s place even without the permission of the canine. But be ready to know, what can happen if the dog catches it red-handed when the cat is looking for comfort in his place.

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