Life is sometimes brutal and savage. No matter how much we try to make things right and remain loved, everything becomes impossible. But it does not mean that we should not try anymore. What we absorb, and how we tackle our problems is what creates us. The story of a tiny kitten who suffered a great length and never lost the capability to love will absolutely equip you with a good and refreshing perspective of looking at life.

This heartwarming story was shared by an anonymous author.

Everyone in the apartment complex exactly knew who Ugly was. Only three things were favourable for the Ugly: Battling, Eating and the Garbage and can I say, Love.

The combination of all these things coupled with the experiences of life spent on the pavements had their effects on Ugly. To begin with, Ugly was blessed with one eye only, and another eye was just an empty hole. Ugly also did not have an ear on the same side, and his left foot looked broken at that time.

And the Ugly had treated himself and healed in an unnatural manner, making him look like he was about to turn the corner. Ugly did not have a tail, where only a stump lies that would be intermittently jerked and twisted by Ugly. Ugly had lots of pains, hidden in his fur. Every time Ugly was seen by someone, there was this reaction: “That is one uglier cat.” All of the children at home were reprimanded and warned not to touch the ugliest cat. The adults also disliked the cat, throwing stones at home and chasing him away.

But Ugly reacted to the cruelty with the same gesture always: he would stand there firmly, and did not move an inch until the savage stranger would go away and until hose and the rocks were given up and he was left all alone. If things were thrown at him, the Ugly would curl up at the feet, showing and asking for forgiveness.  

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Whenever Ugly passed by the children, he would get excited and run towards theme expecting he would be petted. If he was picked up, he would immediately begin sucking the shirt, ears or whatever he would search.

One day, Ugly intended to be loved and shared his love with a neighbour’s Huskies. None of them responded kindly and he was wounded very badly.

From the window of my apartment, I could listen to his screams and I hurried to help the Ugly. As I reached him, he was laying on the floor, obviously taking his last breaths. I took him to my house, fearing that my touch was harming and hurting him largely. I could hear Ugly struggling and gasp, but then I felt a sensation then. Ugly was sucking on my ears. I took him closer, and he took my hand by his hand.

Then, he looked at me with his one golden eye and I would listen to his distinct purring sound. Even when he was in great pains, wounded badly, the scarred cat only asked for one thing: love, care and affection.

At that moment, Ugly looked to be the most caring, loving and beautiful creature I had ever encountered.

He did not try to scratch and bite me or run away from me. Ugly only saw me, having the belief that he would relieve me of this pain. Ugly passed away in my arms before I could take him inside but I sat and held him for a long time in my arms, thinking about the Ugly who lived a scarred, deformed life but had the pureness of the spirit – to love so unconditionally and truly.

Ugly had taught me more lessons about giving and mercy than hundreds of chapters of the books, talk shows or lectures could.

Many people nowadays want to enjoy a rich, beautiful, most-liked and successful life. But for me, I would always try to be Ugly.”

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