You’ve most probably come across a few clips featuring kids having some good times with pets. Now, you may be of the opinion that only dogs can give kids the happiness that they so deserve in their early years. You’re about to learn something else!

Turns out, one of the nicest pets to actually make a little baby smile could be a cat. You see, while dogs can be just passive and let stuff happen around them, cats are rather curious about whatever goes on in their vicinity. That’s what makes cats and little kids a great team when it comes to making their time together enjoyable. We found the evidence!

In this video, you get to watch one heck of a recording where cats and babies get to meet and spend time with each other in the most exciting circumstances.

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Watch as these two “species” hug and “wrestle” with each other. Some of these cats don’t even mind getting themselves on top of the kids. This is amazing!

Click on this video and watch it to the end. You’ll love it to bits, and that’s why you’ll want to use that SHARE button right!