I am not much of a fan of chickens, but I certainly knew some interesting facts about them. First, a hen can recognize a hundred entities! Cool, right? Second, a hen is a compassionate, kind and protective creature. This, you will witness, in the video I’m about to share. It will truly amaze you in the same manner that people can’t get enough of it!

This video was taken on a farm wherein this farmer has been raising some hens. Normally, he is going to acquire the eggs from the hens every day, however, things weren’t the same as the normal days because he collected something else out of the ordinary. It’s true!

So, here’s this feathered friend sitting on something. Expectedly this farmer tried to get an egg from underneath the chicken, so he goes beforehand to shove the little creature to provide it up. To his surprise, the hen doesn’t simply aid eggs. Hens have indeed established mothers.

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There were little kittens beneath the hen! Is this for real? So, the hen does not only mother chick but also kittens who were dying of a mother’s care? So beautiful!

Watch the video below:

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