When Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption staff got an urgent call about a pack of chihuahuas in need of help, they noticed one particular dog, the female dog was pregnant and seemed to give birth in any minute. The rescue group rushed to find the dog, named “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) a foster home.

Just after 5 days of her rescue, LOL gave birth to her puppies.

On National Puppy Day, which falls on March 23, LOL gave birth after a 12-hour labor, KCTV reported. LOL’s foster family stayed by her side during the whole delivery process to comfort her and to witness the special moment. They also called Rebecca Taylor, a volunteer from the rescue center. But just how many puppies were there going to be?

One by one the puppies came out, LOL’s foster mom thought the dog was finished after she gave birth to her eighth puppy, but she was just getting started. Soon, puppy number nine came. Then, puppy number ten. The next morning, it became clear LOL had been busy: there were a total of eleven puppies!

“The next day, after mom was all done and settled in with her brood, foster mom Josie got the puppies out to check genders,” the rescue group wrote. “When she ended up with 8 boys and 3 girls, she realized something didn’t add up!! She quickly recounted several times and realized she was indeed correct— “LOL” had 11 puppies!!!!!”

The world record stayed at 10 chihuahuas puppies in the biggest litter, but LOL just broke the record! Her foster family is now working to find homes for all the cute puppies. LOL couldn’t be prouder, but she does have her paws full. Taylor contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to see if LOL makes the record, and they would get back to her in 12 weeks.

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Watch the video below:

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