Herbie is normally a very quiet cat, so when he kept jumping on the bed in the middle of the night, Janine knew something was wrong. She got up, followed Herbie to her daughter’s bedroom door, and inside…

Getting a cat was something Janine DeMartini always dreamed of, and now she had a baby, she thought it would be great if her daughter is raised around a furry pal, as animals have an incredibly positive impact on little children.

Eventually, Janine adopted a shelter cat named Herbie. The family later realized that was the best thing they’ve ever done, for Herbie will become their hero.

The cat was a quiet one, enjoyed taking naps, and goofing around. But that day, Herbie behaved in a strange manner. He won’t stop jumping on and off Janine’s bed, as though he was trying to tell her she should follow him.

Janine was a bit confused. She wasn’t sure whether Herbie was just displeased because of something, or there was something more serious in question.

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I was so tired and I was like, all right, he’s just being a cat.

But something said this is not his personality. There’s something wrong.

Luckily, Janine decided to trust her cat and follow him to her daughter’s bedroom.

What this mother stumbled upon is a sight she will never forget.

Baby Isabela was all covered by her blanket which obstructed her breathing. If Janine got in the room moments later, the baby could have suffocated to death.

Herbie leaped into the crib and tried removing the blanket off little Isabella’s face.

Janine always knew of the positive influence animals have on people and has written numerous papers about the benefits of animal-assisted therapy, and this event only convinced her more how right she was about animal power.

He saved my daughter,” she said. “Herbie really is the hero.”