This has to be what the face of shock and disbelief looks like, and it’s hilarious. The beautiful German Shepherd Artie is about to get a new sibling and become a big sister.

She and her human mommy are on the way to take the puppy, and the mommy thinks it’s just the right time to reveal the big news. She makes sure to catch Artie’s expression, and boy we are glad she did it.

“Artie, I’ve got some good news,” she says. “You’re going to be a big sister.”

The dog moves her head slowly, and looks at mommy with a dose of surprise.

“We’re getting a new puppy,” she continues. “You’re going to have a little brother.”

After staring at her for a few seconds it looks like Artie is actually glad for the new addition to the family, because we can see the smile on her face. She’s going to be the best sister ever, that’s for sure.

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Watch Artie’s funny reaction in the video below:

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