Do you love a cat? Then you must have good knowledge about them and you must know that they are territorial. They want to have the people in their lives who often steal their things. This video of a little cute kitty is surely a thing that you cannot miss. See what the cat does when the folk of ducks steals the full bag of treats. It wanted it at any cost.

This video started when a group of naughty little ducks planned to steal the cat’s staff. When the cat was enjoying and spending time with its human friends, they stole the bag and the treats inside it. But they end their happiness with the presence of a commando cat. Well, the next part is surely unbelievable and cannot be missed.

The cat started its first trial by soaking in water but his human friend helped her with unique technology to get back his staff. He built up a ship for the cat so that he can follow the duck’s team in the water. This is beautiful!

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Watch this cute video below and see how the cat got back his lost things by riding the ship into the water waves. He grabbed the Navy Seal-style bag back and the story is awesome.

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