When a huge pitbull leaped up and charged at Officer Travis Frost, he was frozen in fear. Should he draw his weapon? Turn and run? Well, before he could decide, the massive pup was on top of him…!

Officer Travis Frost was on the job when he got a call about a scary pit bull standing on someone’s front porch. The family felt threatened and feared that the dog might attack them or something.

They only assumed this because of the dog’s breed. In fact, it’s really sad how many consider pit bulls to be aggressive and scary animals when it was proven countless of times that they are one of the best pets anyone can ask for.

The officer arrived at the scene and noticed the dog that was described as dangerous sitting in front of the house. Frost was hesitant about his next move because he wanted to approach closer but feared how the dog would react.

He decided to announce his presence by whistling.

Once he heard the sound, the dog’s ears pricked up, but it didn’t move. He only stared at the officer who was getting closer. And then suddenly, the dog leaped up and started running towards Frost who froze when he noticed the god coming right at him.

The huge animal was wagging its tail and Frost realized it was there because he needed some attention and some petting on the head along with some soft and warm cuddles. It was the friendliest dog this man has ever seen.

He was more than happy to spend a few minutes playing with it, after which the dog ran up to the patrol car and entered inside through the door the officer left open.

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The dog acted as though it knew officer Frost its whole life. It was ready for a ride and some fun time along the way. This pit bull, whose name was Gold, was the most lovable dog out there.

The unique thing about this one was the dog was so darn friendly.

Gold’s size is as big as his heart. This beautiful creature loved humans with all his heart and didn’t miss any chance to be around them asking for hugs and kisses and some good belly rubs.

The dog wasn’t a stray pooch and luckily, the staff at the Animal Care & Adoption Center in Texarkana was able to track down Gold’s owner.

The unusual encounter between officer Frost and Gold, and the fun time they spent together, was shared on the social media and went viral in a blink of an eye. More than 50,000 people shared the post about the friendly dog.

They later understood that Gold wasn’t really a pit bull, but only resembled one. He was actually an American bulldog.

Considering an animal dangerous only because of its breed is unacceptable. This is the kind of thinking dog lovers are trying to eradicate, which is a big reason why Officer Frost’s post got so much attention!

No matter how big they are, every dog loves and deserves to be loved to the moon and back!