Oh! This video is really adorable, watch what the cute Black Lab Dog has done. He made a big mess on the floor when dug the trash. His mother became angry on him but the style of apology of this little creature is adorable and he proved that he was trying to save time. This dog is fully grown up but the innocence in his eye cannot be missed.

You may have seen or heard about the cute expression of the puppy eyes but if you not ever seen it yet, this cute Black Lab Dog is enough to showcase the adorable scene. He is an enough mature dog but he shows his facial expression here beautifully and he makes such cute expression whenever he is in trouble. Let’s check the video to find it best:

He knew that he made a mistake and so started making his way to get an apology from mother but in a unique style. He is guilty and he reaches his paw to his mom as he wanted to say sorry to her. He may be done something wrong but how anyone cannot accept such a cute apology? It is his “get out of jail free” style.

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